Thursday, March 19, 2009

MAD-Make a Difference

MAD ~ MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Will be starting a chapter in Goa.Right now they are on the lookout for people who are interested, willing and dedicated to work in establishing MAD in Goa from scratch.You can check the details on their website- and get in touch with me at in case you would like to contribute.Just about anyone

What’s MAD all about?

We are an Organization of young people working amongst orphans and
other underprivileged kids to provide them with quality education so
that one day it shall empower them to stand on their own feet and when
the times comes fly away. We try not to grill into their heads the
tedious school syllabus but instead prepare them face life better by
improving their communication skills, computer skills and their overall

Just Two hours a week

You can do sooooo much with us in just two hours. Be a teacher to these
underprivileged kids, spend some time with them and just see what
wonderful joy you bring into their lives. And all it takes is two hours
a week. Would that be too much to ask??

Be a Journalist

Our journalists represent the free voice of the youth. We have no political
affiliations, no religious influences or any other biases. All that
motivates and guides us is the goal of social justice. Here our
journalists write about the various problems faced by the youth or by
the world as a whole, from the youth’s point of view.

Start a cell in your college

Be the leader and start a MAD cell in your college…You will have the
autonomy to plan and coordinate your own activities and also receive
our help. Your chance to do lead your college

Be a trainer

Do you have a passion for teaching? Are you employed or constrained by
time but still feel you have so much experience you could share with
us. We’ve something just for you. You could help us train our

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divesh said...

hey this thing seems to be nice...very much like abhigyaan

ratpik said...

Yeah, but it reaches to a much larger audience, more formal and emphasizes on career oriented learning in addition to the basics.Yeah..but fundamentally the same concept with access to many more resources....