Sunday, April 19, 2009

Musings of a Sleepy mind

Would you buy the Tata nano?

or prefer to stay in this wing of the Taj that's still under repairs post the Mumbai terror attacks?

Why did both the above things relate to Ratan Tata and yet be in news for the entire year?

The kid sure doesn't seem to know where Pilbhit is or for that matter what his name meant. Whatever political strategy Varun Gandhi(He has a degree in Public policy from London) followed sure did catapult him to an awesome position, atleast for the news channels it's all about Gandhi v/s Gandhi . Earlier it was Maneka v/s Indira, is it time for Rahul v/s Varun?

Check for Macro photography

..and y am i typing random stuff again?

Gn :)

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Chimu said...

hmmm.. cute eyes ;)