Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mind at work-How we crack exams!

Funny Abbreviations as seen in answer sheets.(Actual answers in Computer Networks)
Print in Network Group
Past information and Get
Push in to Network Group
portable internetwork graphics
popular internt naming grades
packet is not good
paket in network georaphy
private inter network gateway
private inter network gate
interrupt network gropher
persistent internet group
provide IP network goal
PING in network group //This was mine, just thought of using a recursive acronym like GNU :P
post integreted network group
please identify network group
person in network group
primary information umber generator
public internet gateway
procedural internet governance
public internet group
public internet names group
positoin in network group
protocols of inter network group
private interconnected internet group



ICANNT (a.k.a the Blabber queen-Pranshu)
internet control authority of networks
Invalid Domain Name
W3C -
world wide
wireless 3 connection
world wide web cache
world wide web community
world wide web control
world wide web connection
world wide web compliant
world wide web configuration
world wide web corporation
world wide web centre
world wide web collection
world wide web controller
user retrieval line
user request link
user requested links
user resource locator
user request language
unified relational language
unified rational language
user resource link
unique recognition length
user registered line
universal request language
user request language

Also when asked what is the domain server extension used for Antarctica, someone wrote -'No net in Antarctica'. Who would have known it .aq anyway?

Smart BITSians!

Will miss you all :)


Chimu said...

How did you manage to know what so many people answered? IC called you to correct the papers or what?

chosen1 said...

he only is inventin re :P layta :D