Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alles gut!

I had to write this.As I said every day just gets better.

Today we managed to get an interesting breakthrough on the problem we were looking at and I have to give a presentation to the team tomorrow.I know that there would be flaws and there's one assumption that prevents it from complete generalization, but when the team of people brainstorm together, it simply gets Awesome!

I was shown the safety analysis project today and how the Deutsche bahn railway crossing system was used as a model for safety analysis.After that I played with the Kuka industrial robot , the main ones I'll see later next week, but the one used for experiment and demo.Some students had integrated the Nintendo Wii which is a joystick which makes the console or object it conrols move in the same way we move it in our hand, for eg if we are playing a tennis video game just smash the wii joystick like a tennis racket and voila!, so I manged to complete that game pretty quickly and then saw a few more things including an intersting set of mobile platforms..all this technology is so awesome...

I stayed overtime today 'coz I wanted to attend the presentation by the Russian students at the ESG.I was invited by the International office to this party hall, and it was amazing..I made my first set of contacts outside the group, Sarah(From Sout-West Germany) and Gabriel(From Mexico) whose brother had just flown him to join at the school.Both do law at the the university and as part of Mentorenprogramm of the Studentenwerks Augsburg.Well I later was to go with them through the city while they went for 'Terminator 4'.They were nice!

Then the Russian students started with a very pretty dance and an exciting presentation which I managed to understand in bits and pieces.The food was incomprehensible as usual, but I kind of liked that soup :P, on my way to the tram station, I heard someone call me from somewhere in the was omit and he spoke a lil bit in Hindi, seems he'z from Afghanistan(but again all german) and his grandparents are from Delhi,and then I met this girl who was waiting down for him from Turkey and there was a lil bit of discussion on 'Maine Pyaar Kiya' and some jokes that made me stand the summer chill.It was late night but I loved all the people and ofcourse the Skype group chat with raka and Prachi with Haha in the background has made me awesome day n night!

Chao..i better start learning more german..

Guten Tag.


chosen1 said...

wow...sounds like u already making a lot of progress on ur proj :) i thot i was doing d same thing till i got stuck on a config for the past 2 days :( anyways a new cam?

Chimu said...

it's great to know that they take internship students so seriously.. all the best for ur proj n do find time to make a gf there ;) or have u made already?