Friday, December 4, 2009


At the Gateway of India
Being in Mumbai is always an interesting experience. Especially when its the eve of 26/11 terrorist attacks anniversary and you are standing right at the spot where everything happened. For Mumbai life goes on. Nothing can stop the spirit and vibrancy of this city. And for several reasons I love this place!

Leopold Cafe
The shoothout happened right here. A popular hangout for foreigners and locals alike and a menu that meets all your needs at a price, I got my first visit to leopold right on this day. We got a hotel room at bargain rates just above this cafe to spend the night. We were made to go through several security measures including our names being noted down on a suspects list 'coz we were idling at CST Railway terminus hunting some good book deals and had backpacks on; probably that reminded the on-duty officers of the night someone similar walked in doing much damage. Another unique experience :)

Crossing the Sea at Alibaug
Thanks to the DAAD and the Seminar they organized for us in Mumbai, we had a great outing to Alibaug. That's an island, an hours boat ride from the Gateway of India, followed by 30 minutes of bus journey to the beach. These ponies do real hard work ( Animal activists anyone?) and cross the seas during low tide, whih almost makes are feet wet as we cross the sea in the Tonga to reach the Kolaba fort some 500 metres from the shoreline into the sea.

The waters rising...
The horses/ponies waited for us as the tide was rising and we were out exploring the fort!

The bus ride and Village Folk on the island..surprising for Mumbai!

Awesome company during the boat trip; this human induced daily migration of the sea gulls to and fro the harbour to Alibaug and back as food keeps flying off the deck is an amazing and entertaining phenomenon that gives you company in the Arabian Sea.

Far and away...Mumbai

Yeah..the Taj, now completely back in order though the heritage wing probably will take a lil more time to repair..historical place!

Lens focussing and sunlight :P

Still waiting for our very own, Tortoise at Spicy Bella, Panaji, Goa to be followed by a dose of 2012 and Carassid and the tale of two sweet brownies :).

Now that's walking down memory 20 more days, I would no longer see this..sigh! But to cheer me up, some else has eyes too :)

BITS Pilani Goa Campus, the \m/ est place where everything is so so legendaryyyyyyy! No doubt I'm gonna miss it as I move out to new frontiers. Hopefully others too would have an awesome experience at this place! BPGC is not just a college, it is the college where Maggi can revolt and ideas evolve even in the loo, perhaps that being the reason why some room is so close to the place where SHIT happens!

Miss you! All the best!

Pratik Mandrekar


chosen1 said...

SHIT doesn't "happen"...Vishal chose a much cruder framing :P

Chimu said...

Yeah someone has eyes and spectacles too!!