Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Learn basic Spanish for beginners - I

This is a small walk through learning basic Spanish for those looking to impress friends by speaking Spanish, knowing what Enrique's Bailamos song means, to have dumb Spanish messenger status and tweets and just in case you end up in Spain or some isolated island which used to be Spanish and the chicos and chicas there only speak Spanish, you can make a feeble attempt to be their amigo.

Basic pronunciation rules:

1)H is silent
2)V is pronounced as 'ba' except when between two vowels it is pronounced 've'.
3)Z is 'sss'
3)A is pronounced AA
U is pronounced U
I as 'E'
E as 'A'
O as 'O'

so AZAFATA is 'AAsssaafaataa'

6)T is 'tte'
D is 'dde'
7)J as 'H'

Chico means a boy and Chica is a girl.

Personal Pronouns

I- Yo (Yoyo!)
You- Usted (formal) ,Tu ('u' with the accent ` for informal)
He-El ('E' with the accent `l, without that it means the)
You all- Ustedes (formal), Vosotrose(Informal, male), Vostras (Informal, female)
We- Nosotros (male), Nosotras(female)
They-Ellos (male), ellas (female)

Normally words ending with 'O' are masculine and 'A' feminine.
Add 'S' for obtaining plural from singular if word ends in a vowel, else use 'ES'.

Next part : Learn verbs in Spanish

Pratik Mandrekar


Anonymous said...

¿Cómo vas a enseñar los verbos, cuando ni siquiera unirse a la clase?

ratpik said...

From your notes :P

Well That's the second part of my yesterdays notes that I haven't typed in yet

Mohit | Sourcemorph said...

hey great work man..

continue this, i'll learn spanish.!