Friday, February 4, 2011

Barcamp session - Information & Communication Technology for Development

We recently had a barcamp session at work and I held a session on information and communication technology for global development.

We discusses a few cases where technology has been applied to real life issues and involves people who normally did not actively participate in technology. The examples are from:
1) Mobile Money Service (M-PESA in Kenya)
2) Ushahidi - Crowdsourcing information for monitoring elections in India, Swine flue data, Egyptian political crisis
3) Digital Green - Participatory videos for improving farmers way of doing agriculture in India
4) Sana - A mobile health platform for remote diagnostics.

The presentation slides are attached below. Most of the things were actually discussed and hence the presentation may not be comprehensive but nevertheless touches on all points of the session.

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DISCLAIMER - All opinions are personal and have no relation whatsoever to the company where the session was conducted. The research is all aggregated from different sources and referenced appropriately in the slides.

-- Pratik Mandrekar

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