Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not so susegado

Fox History channel is running this TV series on 'What's with Indian Men?' and they are covering Delhi, Mumbai, Goa and Jaipur. Considering the quality of content Fox provides in the history section, I was expecting something more than normal touristy stuff from this series but it kind of disappoints.

While Goans are supposed to be 'Susegado', they obviously don't have the highest per capita income in the country by being all laid back as has rightly been said by Reggie, the owner of 'Kalamari' resto as shown in the video. Its surprising that David from Tito's doesn't back that considering it is one of the most popular conventional night destination in Goa.

Remo speaks about Goa, the same way he always does :) Its good to have someone like Remo talk about not selling Goa out the way its been happening for most of the last decade.

They don't really get much about men in that. Also when did Boxing become a popular sport in Goa :O. Anyways an interesting watch!

The movie Dum Maro Dum also from Fox gives a much clear meaning of Susegado in Goa.

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