Saturday, February 23, 2008

A blog to blog....

Well this is my 2nd blog...'coz due to some NTR reason the other had to be closed down.For those who haven't experienced the circle of life well here's an example that is the simplest revealation of this and you all must be experiencing daily...the 'fwd:...' that you forward comes back to you with more 'fwd:fwd:fwd:...' a pointless waste of server resources and your valuable time.Well you may not mind just clicking the delete option on it but for those who understand the terms 'environment' and 'earth' would probably understand the Implication those unnecessary,inactive communities on orkut and these 'fwd:fwd:fwd:..' have on us.They consume such a byte^terabyte^99999999 Gjoule of energy that google's contemplating a 6 football court sized server area in Portugal jus for this purpose..d same amount of energy that could power our campus for a million folks jus giv it a thought the next time you press the Forward button.

Right now I'm mid-way through the tests and Waves'08( is also approaching but I still can't get off my QUARK'08 hangover. Itz been beutiful and I believe we'll make it bigger, better and ob..(no pun here) more beutiful :)

Time to sleep I guess 'coz my quota of 10GB songs is almost getting exhausted...Good Night..

NTR-Not to be revealed!!
Facts can be excused to be approximated 'coz my numbers are dyslexic... :)


chinmay said...

hmmm... Nice post.. u have told the strategy for test1 and test2 but wat is the strategy for compre tat gets u above that cutoff for A grade?

ratpik said...

@chinmay....Compres u get more time so spread out the same points..add a nice movie to ur daily dose..and prepare for 14 glorious simple as simplicity can get...Talekar inspires :)