Sunday, February 24, 2008

CGPA - 10 ways to get a 10 in 10 hours with 10 chapters remaining

Well I think the title seems appropriate for someone who has an ES 2 paper tomorrow and needs to know how much one has to prepare for this Electric Shock 2.A search on Google for CGPA was(ob!) all about CGPA but only one among the zillionth result stood out from the rest of the flock(not that it was very heartening to see it but yeah it was what I wanted) Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical association(Short,Sweet CGPA..).A little scroll down revealed another interesting fact posted in Intel's recruitment profile in Malaysia-" You must possess a Master's degree or a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering or a related field with a minimum CGPA of 3.0/4.0." Well dats something nice to here.A similar search on orkut just threw up communities in thousands having CGPA ***** in them(The 5 stars are a mark of solidarity towards Chetan Bhagat's 'Inspiring' novel).

Well(4 d umpteenth time..) I may not be the best person to comment on CGPA 'coz I have always managed to as my peers call it 'jump over d line..'-courtesy ARC, but I would still like to pen down a few things that I think I should do now dat I'm actually in the situation of that title(jus 5 chapters though...!!)

1)Flush your brain clean 'coz else every time u try to read ur peripheral vision will suddenly tend to get better than Rajv... Singh Rathode and u'll start spotting things that u wudn't know existed in ur room...
The best way to do this is counting sheep albeit in BITSian way...thats just going out and finding out how many rooms in ur hostels have the sum of squares of their room no equal to multiples of 7(In case u hav Maths) or going to ur server room and pulling a line or two and checking wat happens..(In case u hav ES-2) or better still cutting down your lan cable to check whether the fibres used have the CE(That's Energy compliant..not China Electricals as smeone in my school used to say) embedded on them(Communication student..and if u r CS jus google the alphabets of Swahili and find out the meaning of Lol..

2)Understand the difference between listening and Hearing Music. Sean Paul and Linkin Park are to be heard while AR Rehman is to be listened too...else u'll just be left comfortably numb about what you were planning to do..

3)The Syllabus is not your master, U r ur own..don't let the book drink you, drink the book till u 're semi-intoxicated and have reached the peak of your gaussian performance.Come back only if u start missing the book more than ur Home.

4)Change ur startegy with every chapter..better every second page..start reading upside down..right-left or back to front..or just go to Wiki(The only time u use this BITSAA sponsored LAN for what it is not meant for) and key in the chapter Name...Alternate Text with Lecture slides or better still ur friends concise notes made especially to appreciate ur abscence from the LT's(In such circumstances your friends tend to seriously narrow down to 1 or 2 esp. if u r in a boys hostel).

5)Think about why you are doing what you are..sink in the feeling of what ur dream in life is and remember that ES2 makes not much of a difference to it either way....(Unless of course u plan start the lucrative venture of repairing the BITSian Transformer!!)

6)1 hour of performance is all that matters for the marks you cool..and believe me thaat's the only thing that works in the hall no matter whetehr u hav studied 5 hours or 5 months for it..

7)Optimize ur score by planning out your answer sheet.. full marks are ur assets=what you don't know is ur liability* what you know are your stock holdings.. buy stocks sell liabilities..hw u do that depends on ur experience and once again cool...

8)Be comfortably Numb before and Numb afterwards 'coz watever you do, watever u say dosn't matter the moment ur paper gets over..

9)U always should appreciate the BITsian system which gives u so may opportunities..for the rest remember that there are always 50% people below the itz nothing to bother abt..I hav been in that situation arnd 12 out of the 19 subjects I have had..and still I've scraped an A..(More reason not to study for tomorrow)

10)Rank ur priorities: Remember there are only two ways-Either U get there or U don't and In either case u r not loosing anythng so jus giv it ur best Shot...Bindaas..

Well that's a lot of advice i believe..time to practice before I preach...itz still in the Beta stage..Update will be available only after electric shock 2 tomorrow..

Enjoi d Nite in d same way ppl frm all ovr come to Goa do..


:) MAD


me, as i am said...

hmm.. 'scraping an A' is all about luck isn't it? :P bet u ll do well even though u (rather claim that u) are not studying for es2.. o well, best of luck. es sucks neway... i shud be studying and not commenting.. sheesh.. neways, nice put of witty humour :)

can't really enjoy goa the way tourists do, coz raat mein we gota be in the hostels. o well, i guess ill try reading thru that mundane, brain-killing text book. one last shot at geting stuff in my head.

bestluck neway, 006! :P :D

ratpik said...

@Pranshu..Thnx bt dats jus like a lottery worth 25,000 bucks 4 me either way dosn't matter...

..and as far as Goa..well itz matter of perspective..

@me..Study Bewakoof..

Anonymous said...

i like the 3rd point the most!

ratpik said...

anoynymous kaun hai...naam toh bata naa plz..

Anonymous said...

sory for de late comment on ur blog! very nic insprin(lolz)

jus did googlin fr 10 cg n foun ur blog intrstin.funny enuf!

so wat hapnd to de result of ur E shocK paper?