Thursday, May 15, 2008

"What if there were no hypothetical situations?"

"What if there were no hypothetical situations?"

The irony of the 'If's' and 'but's' in in our lives are nicely reflected by the above title,but then if one observes carefully, our entire lives revolves around the uncertainity surrounding these two words.Now that the Sem is over I still hear people saying "IF I had read that chapter....","I scored av+40 BUT the cutoff was ...". What an Irony! :P

Anyway, having attained Nirvana from all these semesterly(!) mundane affairs i am here blogging for perhaps the last time before I get back next Sem.It is at such moments that I comprehend the ingenuity of the Embryo project and thank the BITS Alumni Assoc for giving us the 24*7 LAN and the Net(..albeit a bit too slow :) ).This semester sure did prove Interesting especially since the time I last posted 'coz a LOT of sweet things happened which already occupy a zillionth of google's server space and I hope it continues to do so :) .

Coming back to the title, I would like to get a few perspectives from your(i.e the lone reader reading this post) on these following hypothetical Situations.Don't forget to use your iMAGINATION.

1)What if a plane crashed on BPGC on 1 June 2008?

2)What if PS1 got cancelled?

3)What if the Girl/Boy you have a crush on came in engaged next sem?

4)What if the Number of hours you can spend on DC are made proportional to cgpa^3 ?

5)At this point in my life I would love to be .......... but (optional-the challenges involved)........ and yet...................

Well...I wonder how many people would write on that BUT(!) I hope atleast you do.Jus click on the link below and spare a minute to type in.I'm not writing anything more buggy but would just end this with this quote I came across:

"Gay People invented sports.Think about it.Boxing:two topless silk shorts..fighting over a belt."

Now that's Imagination :)

Ciao. Enjoy your PS and IF not, the Monsoons BUT please don't complain about your PS 'coz WHAT IF you had got something worse!


me, as i am said...

ok... not fair. u dont tell me the name. neways:
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1. our gardeners wud be reli upset. rest everything wud be the same if a plane crashes. no one wud bother.

2. i will have absolutely no chances of salavgin this sem (gpa wise). also i wud ttly miss out on bangalore, and rtdp, and piplu... :P

3. well, hv a crush on sm1 else :P or kill the fiance/fiancee, or i dunno.. use ur imagination.

4. id stay on dc 24x7!!! with pleasure :P gimme trivia and ill manage a 10, or higher :P :D

5. At this point in my life I would love to be .....the supreme commander and dictator of the world..... but (optional-the challenges involved) stuck here, commenting on piggys blog.... and yet...................

and haan... nimit and lita had to part today... :( mummy papa alag ho gaye.. ps2 ki wajah se...


chal heres ur cmnt. now lemme live in peace

OINK! ( :P )

shilpa said...

1) june 2nd will still remain a working day, if AVK is still breathing.
2)will have to rack brains over better ways to spend the summer.
3) imaginaion's not working. guess its dfficult to guess :)
4)Atleast that will inspire me to work harder.
5)will know when now would have passed what i shouldve been :)