Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Sem that was...

Long time since my last post and yet it seems just a few moments ago.Time just flies past especially when your one hand is at the mongi counter and the other on Gtalk:P. With the semester coming to an end(--compres, ++ps1) I felt it was time for retrospection.I tried shortlisting and summarizing the ten best things I experienced this sem..Here'z it....

1)One can never take or make a Right decision.The choice is always between people you care for and the people you think care for you.At a given Instant the best we can do is take the 'best' decision and the do our best to retain the 'best' tag.

2) The logical conclusion to how the human brain works is illogical; A consequence of my biophysics neural network project.

3)Abstract Words like 'Trust' and 'Faith' are too abstract to be understood by an abstract being called 'Friend'.This is just a Q.O.D of 2.

4)Crushes will remain Crushes...unless you have the 'guts n glory' to speak..(which I don't :P). This is the only open ended challenge left with me,but it feels good :)

5)You are the person you choose to be. Everything else is just an excuse including politics. The smarter you play, the dumber you appear.So successful politicians play dumb(Ref: Do I need to mention?).

6)Marks seriously don't matter but that's just half the story, the other half is that itz just a matter of my perception.

7)Ecology is not a subject,Inflation is not about price rise, career decisions aren't made in 5 seconds, Electricity isn't the greatest invention( we love living without it, don't we?);Negation isn't a hobby,Its a habit.

8)The sound of Music is a beautiful piece but there is better stuff on DC :) and Google is the best place to live for androids but an overdose of google is lethal; especially to a haunted soul.

9)Intelligent People are the best assets to have but somehow they tend to be NPA's weighed down by trivial emotions. In simpler words most people give more Importance to stuff that doesn't matter simply because the don't think Dreams are Important!!

1o)Life is beautiful (as usual :) )

Well...the points are just an abstract way to say thank you to some people who were nice, some who were nicer and the 4th one for the nicest!

.....and also a sorry to those who I couldn't give what they wanted but then this end is just the beginning so stay put and we'll get the parallelism right.

Looking forward to compres :), ps , those nice sweet things in the to do list and of course my visits to the jungle to discover Ants( That's my Lop next sem!!).

Ciao and enjoy your Summer :)

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