Sunday, March 2, 2008

T.I.M.E M.I.T.E I.T.E.M M.E.T.I......nyone knowz how to waste more time? Read on....

Well... Waves just 2.85 days away(d curtain raiser is on 5th) and our Cruise trip1.69 days away(Is it? :) ) a lot seems to be happening this week. Well d extra significant figures added to numbers are just to remind myself how Important time is, having spent d past 4 days doing half of the things I planned to accomplish and having to spend the next 4 doing twice the number of conservation of work( who'd dare say itz non-conservative?).

Watching Filmfare awards is not something we get to see everyday..d oscars are an obnoxious weed( yeah bhajii got hayden 2 and we won the U-19 world cup with Sachin hitting his first Kangaroo century!!!) especially Shah Rukh and Saif with their gay habits and the 'na real'(coco) awards to vidya balan and akshay kumar...itz been a nice night. I also had to shoo away a saleswoman twice waking me up to sell home made jam.. I used d same lame excuse "mammi ghar pe nahi hay!" but realized that time has changed since the last time I used this excuse. So I gave a more BITSian excuse "we already have JAM for waves" (chk out d sponsors if u don't believe).....dat was enough 4 her. Poor thing, have to roam around with things to sell to earn credit points for living and here I'm marketing in a sponsored car!

Apart from all that I have one serious question. Do time management plans work?
My experience tells me they do. When you don't want things to happen ( say 4 example exam) they happen exactly as per the schedule..and when u want things to happen they don't (I wanted to send an email and somehow d gmail clock jumped over to japanese time putting me on a jet lag or gain of 4 hrs..) I was reading about these calenders and how they evolved and it seems before leap years were invented kings used to arbitrarily add or subtract days from a month especially corrupt officials who wanted an extension used to add days wenever they doubt that modern day officials do the same ...after all Time is money..

News from Gujrat : 17 dogs married in a ceremony. Puppy love.. no doubt but 17???? I'm weak at permutations(or is it combinations?) but how come 17 a prime number and that too in Gujrat-Land of ___________( Fill in the blank with personality of your choice!)

Well...enough of time pass for now.If u sit calculating how much time u have spent reading those time in bold above u'll never find yourself on the cover of TIME magazine( Times square wala..not apna wala..)

Good Night and Jai Maharashtra(Jus heard they having a real time show where u get 5 lacs for telling why u need those 5 lacs.. only for Maharastrians!!)

But Yeast or Waste,
Not or Sloth
Goa Rockzzz....
.....and u 2!!

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