Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Panchi Zameen Par

Birdie...that's my new pastime to the already long list of pastimes I do in my prime time.

Well..itz not like I have decided to go out and play golf right in the middle of our greens but just do some bird watching in our beautiful campus(Seriously no pun intended...itz more of the Dr. Salim Ali kind with a tolerance of 4-5%).

To start with I decided to do a bit of research(...dat reminds me I have a PPL tomorrow!) on the white feathered flock that you would have probably noticed in the central lawns. Well according to the bird watching techniques I googled out...d first thing is jus the same thing u do in your exam paper i.e Guess. So I guessed that they were birds(lol)... Well they were and still are Herons...

Now Herons are of a of a large variety and even google gave up on them ,I tried to derive my own conclusions and ended up with egret but that turned out to be the other names of heron...so here is another Open Ended problem....maybe someone could do a BPL on it.

While on my way to the Zhopdi to meet monty python(well..jus to have a half fry) I found a bird which I guessed was 'Unicorn Bird' 'coz it had a conic projection on its head but well it wasn't to be so 'coz it seems unicorn birds are the rare and endangered blue-horned curassow, also known as the unicorn bird. ... found in Bolivia so I changed its name to horn bird(well it could be cross between hornbill and a bored bird).Again another open ended problem...

The third bird I saw was Bingo.....Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher sitting atop one of our intelligent lamp posts(Intelligent 'coz they understand the sentiments of desolation).That one keeps coming behind my house so it was easy....after a few more 'Significant Successes' which Include the Crow, The sparrow, the eagle, an ostrich from intra-campus, a migratory pair from loveberia and some ornithologists in the library.

After such an entertaining experience that contributed significantly to my knowledge of diversity in unity ..(dats right) I turned my attention on to my bed which appeared like a Nice nest ready to set up a new home albeit that was not possible due the legacy of the Don & Diva so I still remain Single....

I even found a birdie connection to Quark ..quack,quack jus like the Tom and Jerry days...nyways sice itz been over I have hardly anything that would involve me as much as Quark'08 did... looking forward to Quark'09 have a tweety night,

Yours truly,

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