Thursday, August 7, 2008

Internet Journalism Part-I

The Internet is a powerful tool for the media.News portals like Rediff,Yahoo and Google News offer a vast repository of diverse happenings from America to Zhangjiakou.Apart from these portals there are search engines,RSS Feeds,Wiki and there's Google.Well googling has become an integral part of our daily lives but its neither the beginning nor the end to what you want to find.Here I cover some search engines that offer specialized sevices and in most cases these will help you end up with a better result than google...and in the end I'll just copy-paste a few tips on how to use Google in a better way!

The keywords I used to compare were "quark goa" without the quotes and the following are the results and what I think about the corresponding Search engines: Gave the site on I'm feeling lucky! which basically means its the first site that appears on its search result page.199,000 results in all but the worst part:the rest of the immediate results were nowhere close to the official site which shows that google's *crawler isn't exactly the most intelligent bot out there.Neither is Google the most exhaustive search engine. hit:, next and the rest all relevant to either the BITS Goa Home page,wiki or blogs with the quark Tag.More results than Google in this case.

Windows live search- Excellent new engine.No need to hit next button 'coz all search results on one page.results close to yahoo's,Fast and offers excellent Image search options.Apart from that google still offers more tools than this. good at searching across blogs and social networks.Use it when you are searchin for people or the birth place of your grandfather's aunt in Ullan Battor. relevance of results but I see no point using this when there are other options already available.

Then there are slower engines like and sites which integrate all engines in one.

Use to search area and country codes and email addresses, to search across forums, to search across yellow pages and different directories and for finding all kinds of legal material but all mostly related to US.

Then there are other specialized sites pertaining to medicine,news only,regional engines,computers,market watch and industrial products.

Now coming to the part of optimizing your Google search:

1)Use "Laloo Prasad yadav" in quotes when you want the results to contain the entire phrase as you have typed it else you'll end up with things like railway LALOO,rabri prasad yadav.

2)A capital OR to find either of the two parameters on each side of OR.

3)The + or - operator. Eg. search elizabeth -queen and you will get all instances of things in which elizabeth is not a queen.

There are plenty more tools and sites but these are fairly adequate at the moment.Of course Google is still the ONE but my favourite search engine is
: Recently established by a bunch of former google researchers, this site provides 3-4 times more results then google and boasts of a very fast and efficient engine.The Intelligence component in the crawler is surely more than google which just ranks on basis of its pagerank feature.

So for a general search my ranks are:
  1. Google OR Cuil
  2. windows Live search
  3. Yahoo
  4. &
  5. Any of the rest

That's all 4 the day folks!

*crawler-Well this is a program or something we may call a bot that roams all over the world wide web and indexes pages so that they are marked in an appropriate manner for the key words.This indexed data is then used when you press the search button.Read more on the crawlers at

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