Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Blogiversary!!

A decade has passed since Jorn Barger -- began his business of hunting and gathering links to items that tickled his fancy, to which he appended some of his own commentary. Thus was discovered Blogosphere, an entire universe of humans turned aliens back to humans and other like minded creatures.So what do we do to celebrate a decade of blogging?

We Blog more!

Coming to celebrations, do we need to really celebrate days? Aren't such days just an excuse for our avenged souls to find more reasons to make us warm and eventually melt our beds and the aspirations of the one lazing on them?Well whatever be the reason here we have another reason to celebrate..the Beijing Olympics.

It all started with the 8.08 PM, 08/08/08 inauguration in which the Indian contingent led by R Rathode(That's another way of how we flaunt the only thing we have) staged a flag bearer's march appearing impressive from a distance but when it came near the media stands there you could see..Sania Mirza dressed in her training jacket,another lady with a similar dress besides her and another one in a green saree...what a delightful combo(!) for a 2.4 billion TV audience,80 world leaders and the biggest billionaire Olympic inauguration ever.And if that wasn't enough here are the results even before the first day draws to an end..

  • "Mansher falls back after good start :India's Manavjit Singh Sandhu is placed 12th while Mansher Singh was at 21 after the first round qualification in the men's Trap shooting event.." excuses..excuses!! and here more excuses: " Earlier, Indian shooters began on a false note, with Anjali Bhagwat, Avneet Kaur and Samresh Jung failing to qualify for the finals of their respective events."

  • A few more results to celebrate:"Samresh Jung fails :Samresh Jung failed to qualify for the final in the 10m air pistol event, Tombi Devi crashes out : Indian judo champ Tombi Khumujam Devi's Beijing Olympics campaign lasted only two-and-a-half minutes as she was knocked out in the preliminary round of the women's 48kg event on Saturday."

Well I guess Olympics will be a far happier occasion for the Indian audience if they consider the fact that the Chinese and the Indians have evolved from essentially the same species of primates or apes or we can celebrate almost every hour when a chinese wins a medal and we don't even reach close to qualifying for the obsessed are we with finding an Indian connection to anyone rich,famous or talented (aka Vikram Pandit,Arcelor Mittal,...) that we forget to build our own Identity.Or is it that we like being lazy enough to win one silver medal,clap about and then celebrate for the next four years?

Whatever the reason be,wherever the blame game may lead to...we'll still be the same(as far as I can perceive the Indian contingent at the Olympics)..That's why monginis was intelligent enough to come up with its Tagline.."go ahead...lets celebrate!"

Ciao till we win some medal :P

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