Saturday, September 20, 2008

IT & T1

The place where IT all started. Mumbai.Wallstreet crash or Terrorist attack,IT's still beautiful.

The first time IT came after I returned late on a beautiful evening from BARC.
The second time IT happened in the auto from Chembur to Sion.
Thanks to Vodafone, the IT never stopped happening after that and never will.

What IT is?
-Time will tell :P

An ode to the tests till now

I came,I saw,I wrote
what I wrote is not what I saw
what I saw is not what I came for
Average wudn't matter any longer
'coz I have reached a position much stronger
or so'th I think till I came,I saw,I wrote

Day 1: Operating Systems--->My operating system had the kernel missing,
Day 2: Theory of computation--->my finite state automaton did not understand the language of my heart,
Day 3:the irony of three makes thee wonder why,what,how...
DECO-No decoder could decode the complexity of multiplexity of my dreams,
Numerical analysis-I couldn't find any roots so waht use areth any analysis?
Artificial Intelligence-Humans areth the most intelligent beings-then why'd we be so artificial?
Default: I'm yet to optimize my data structure;
Still happyness never evades myth life
'coz what matters is matter and IT does matter :)


me, as i am said...

ahem! IT is a phone call from, um, madgaon... ;) :P

exams khatam.. lite le :P

wats gng on on ur shoutbox?!?! :P

ratpik said...


Exam ke time pe likha tha and IT is IT.Tu tere supper doggy ka blog likh sakti hai den y nt me? :P