Thursday, September 25, 2008


The difference between being dumb and being numb is something that never occurred to me until I did both simultaneously.

It was a moonless starlight sky with those occasional dwarf clouds sometimes resembling a dinosaur with a nosering and at other times a cross between Mickey mouse and harry potter making their presence felt as I aimlessly walked on this circuitous route spanning 6 kms in my favorite place in Goa which I would call here the Boulevard of a 1000 dreams.A PCO on the route was all it took for my evil twin to start thinking about E.V.I.L things.A phone call soon followed to one of my favorite numbers and the call was something like this:

My Evil twin:"Hello I'm calling from the bureau of XYZ.Can I speak to Miss E?"

The Woman Hitler:"Why d hell do you want to meet her?"

My Evil twin:"No No...I'm not like that.We would like to Inform you that Miss E has been selected for this secret thing and we would like her to meet us asap."

The Woman Hitler:"And why is your office open till late night? I don't trust people like you.."

My Evil twin:"Er..Maam with the elections coming up and the US Nuclear deal under process and Money laundering taking place we are having transfers and ....thud.."

The line went dead.

Now this wouldn't have been a dumb act if it was some random act with a random person.But I was right opposite the house of this Woman Hitler and this Miss E was supposed to meet me sometime 1 hour back and my evil twin had derailed my track.

Now the numb useless as uselessness can be, my dumb evil twin started walking in the exact direction of the target except for the fact that he was the target and house was about to launch an Inter continental ballistic missile.Comfortably numb and staring into the eyes of of this cold blooded woman hitler didn't affect my evil twin 'coz when you are numb and dumb, there's nothing that'll affect you and nothing to get affected respectively.

A few fireworks lighted the neighborhood, a meteor shower followed enthralling the amateur astronomers who were just learning bird watching in the night sky sitting in their bed coz they were too susegad to tilt their eyes above the level which they were lying in their bed.

I finally managed to rescue my evil twin from this dumb numb thing;bravo! The route to my final destination had just begun and anticipating more of this I changed my course.Where I finally ended up I never understood 'coz the story had just stated and the class had just ended :P


.........jab we met,things happen and this one's for the one that never happended :)

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