Monday, October 27, 2008

Rock on!

Another diwali, another post...time just flies, especially when there's Test 2 around the corner and I'm having a weekend getaway at the above place.Awesome place must say,pretty much untouched by the kind of tourists that flock Goa.

Inspired by RD, here I present an anecdote that happened this month @ BITS Pilani Goa Campus:

LIfe's Like that...

A girl goes to the ARC(That's the Academic Regulation Council) nad says the following,"Mere Chacha ne parcel bheja tha,woh aa gaya?"..the In-charge over there:"You have proved you are a true BITSian"..Girl(Confused$@!)" chacha ne bheja hua parcel aa gaya?"...again.."You have proved you are a true BITSian!"..Finally she is informed by a good samaritan that this is the place where you get your grades and electives from and not your much 4 a true BITSian!--As retold by Abhishek

Well frankly speaking there's nothing wrong in this entire process knowing how good seniors are at giving 'advice' to young BITSians and had it not been for things like this that keep lighting up our lighter sides,college would have been boriiing.If I think about it being the top 1% of the nation and I guess the world too, we have a lot of reasons to be happy.Especially being in a college where within 4 years of its existence we have won accolades at the best fests( Three Cheers to the BPGC Oasis team for capturing the title) and winning quite a few honours at National and International events we ought to realize that we worth much more that what we think we are and can contribute to the society in a much larger and broader sense rather than waste our lives doing things like crying 4 someone near and dear who no longer lusts/loves you(Isn't it a high time people in BITS realize the difference?).

QUARK,WAVES,SPREE 2009 are all in the making, finding their way amid the economic crisis that has hit the world.Economy affects the flow of money and money affects our dreams and aspirations but the fact is that whatever happens,BITSians will remain BITSians.Our talent never dies,our skills never perspire.After working with such a diversity I ain't fear any longer about where we are headed too...'coz irrespective of the Bulls and the Bears...we do rock, and will continue to do so!

All the best :)


peace! said...

Hehe was that again with referance to something????????

shubho said...

Great Advice Rat Pik!
But sre u following it urself?
:P :)