Saturday, November 8, 2008


Distortions,Misconceptions,Notions,Suspicion,Doubt,Perceptions..all have one thing in common-The Human Brain.The more knowledge we gain the more we think we perceive the universe,the more we doubt honest intentions and end up on the distorted side of our misconceived notions and then say that Life is a matter of Perception.The above pic is similar,having distorted the 5 images that changed my life so that no1 is suspicious of my intentions and does not have any misconceived notion which would change their perception about me i sit safe in this social strata where the difference between right and wrong is a perception and what's best is a notion best understood by an illogical commotion.

After having 5 days of misconception that the Guppies weren't actually guppies but Kayas' troubling our little angels I transpired a new conspiracy theory which will sound more like Murphy's law-What we see is not what we know happens to be true 'coz truth always happens as the opposite of our perception.

Since my last post two weeks back to now a few notions were made and a few more perceived and added to my knowledge base and what helped them were as follows(Despite the fact that neither first order logic or probabilistic models could help me to logically reason out what is the Axiom to solve the Artificial Intelligence paper!):

I had 4 International Interactions:One with some people from France wherein the Consulate ppl were present to give some lecture,one with an Italian who has designed his own techniques to Integrate GSM and GPS Capabilities with Asterix(Internet telephony basically),one with an American whoz settled in Pune and a telephonic conversation with a guy from Germany who really made me a lot more Interested in my areas of interest while trying for my summer Internship.I still remember my first work related international call to South Africa from BITS.I had a hard time convincing the lady out there that a three letter word called GOA existed in India yet I ended up with the final document having DOA on it!

I had my test series filled with all the drama and emotions that had been missing for a loong time..thanx to the misinterpreted 'Guppies'.It ended with Pranshu's B'day bash at Martin's Corner where I sang(I did?) Karaoke after a really loooong time.Finally the week ended by my fruitless efforts of copying code for DECO labs resulting in a perfect code that produced the desired output.Life would be so monotonous if it were a code.Same input domain,Same predictable output.Thankfully it isn't and Love Story 2050 would not come true!

I painted after a looooong time even though I regret that I couldn't make that day very special still I really wanted to let the Smiley to smile.Such a sweet moment to see it actually happening,I hope it is eternal.I revived a sms relationship with a friend which came as a surprise again after a very loong time.

Summing it up, my days are always special and especially after all these things and more that cannot be explicit but are meant to be understood by the implicit implied.

Pssst....I also heard that a friend of mine has adopted a stray CAT since the days for CAT are closing on..what weird people..actually everyone's weird and that's what makes them special especially someone whoz so special that even half a million qubits couldn't replicate the beautiful mind.My post is Randomness Again and that's what I meant by misconception.U ain't understand what u read,till you ain't the person you perceive.

Have a Happy Weekend!


Thorns may come,but beat them across 'coz until you get the exposure u haven't seen what the sweet smell is!

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