Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two is One | enO si owT

I keep seeing you.I just felt you standing next to me.I don't know what you are, where you are but I know you are real and somewhere up close...

Funny feelings keep running down my brain(Most of us do) and we dismiss it as daydreams or fatigue or plain tp.Little do we realise that slices of our time are dedicated to meet the requirements of ourselves living in a parallel world the same way load balancing is carried out on power distribution systems and in servers.

The only reason we see is that our vision allows us to 'see' or 'live' in the so called visible spectra of VIBGYOR colors.The reason we feel things is because of density.We don't feel air 'coz it is 'light' for us. Now imagine a world where the beings over there can 'see' in the spectrum we cannot (suppose microwaves) and they can 'feel' things that we cannot just because their defination of density is different.These things arise from the failure of exactness of zero and infinity.For us what is zero and infinity is relative.Our lives are relative.But we may be having relatives relative to ourselves.

Now this is based on a true incident which took place recently.The transition was seemingly smooth.Nothing was different there.Neither was I.I have 2 mouths,one nose,one ear,50 fingers.I breathe water,I live in the air.I smoke food and I drink vegetables.I swim with my ear and dance with my hair when I have to go somewhere.I occassionaly walk but high urine prices means I cannot use my 9 wheeler.Btw I sleep at BITS.Its a 4 century course and I'm in the third century.Pretty boring, I prefer studying instead.Atleast I can hear my eyes and get some rest.My book is my lifeline.By licking the page I get to nose my friends.Nosetalk is a wonderful social software which allows me to nose virtually and stay connected.My deodrant is another: I can nose hours and hours on it with some special ppl and not pay donuts for it,thanks to the CUG.

I'm so bored of sleeping, I wan't to study. Ciao....
..Day dream over.Or has it just begun.

Well we assume so many things that we never really understand their meaning.Humans are intelligent no doubt about that but so are others.Context Matters and so does relativity.What you are is not what you see, what you see is not what you think you are?

Too complicated. Sleep or study..Gnite


Roses are Red,
Violets are blue,
You're so Pink
That I may think
That there is no sugarplum
In the cuppycake of candyfloss
--To Bhoot, wid love :)

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