Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank You!

Itz been a year since my first blog and on the occasion of the Chinese New Year I would like to thank the dragon for the number of items that have now become an integral part of my life; from the NOKIA made in China phones(that have enabled me to microwave myself more than my mom uses the microwave oven) to the Manchow soup that has somehow replaced the Coffee.

Slumdog Millionnaire has made it to the Oscars and having watched the movie before release in India I'm not so proud of the fact that by encouraging piracy I'm just adding fuel to the very coffers that supported the 26/11 happenings in Mumbai.The world has changed a bit more, derz Obama,derz not much of LTTE,derz more of Taliban,derz nothing right on the left and nothing left on the right of the satyam balance sheet(quoting Deepak parekh's statement on liabilities against assets),economy in turmoil or not;rich people are still rich and the poor are still poor especially our poor little doodle.I would like to thank the following happenings for happening in the past year.

1)QUARK'08-Already enough said. Time for QUARK 2009

2)WAVES 08.Again enough said.This year we'll have two of them, check out the Summer special WAVES SUMMERS

3)The Awesome story that was the reason for my attempt to lower my cgpa and it did succeed :)

4)PS-1, BARC,DRHR,Mumbai and the of the best 5 things in my life till date

5)The koi who conspired,transpired and metamorphized into what stands of now.I had never witnessed anything like that.The Peevee who came from PoK and fought a battle that's been so sweet, so that Google came second best when it came to learning and evolving..and I'm so happy that it happened, whatever the future is, I love my destiny 'coz itz just inside my pumpkin.

6)My journey to the Center of the earth.Well I did go there,finding a treasure that's the present.

7)The Time Machine- For telling me what's there on the menu in the mess tomorrow.

...and I'm sure you wouldn't have understood anything lest you are the person the line is meant for.You haven't been here for long time dear no 3,Hi 5!,6 can't read and 7 has already read.

For the rest, stop wasting your time reading useless posts 'coz they aren't meant for anyone other than Me.

C ya.


divesh said...

hey barc thing seems to be good, quark and waves is same every year...

and gud night.

ratpik said...

Remembering BARC..anyone who wants to join BARC or any of the Indian Resarch organizations DRDO,BARC,etc...including in administration...der are interviews and a basic exam every year to select scientific officers and mind you, der are quite a large number of BITSians holding the ranks in BARC and the package isn't bad at all...salary +perks +foreign visits+ access to huge number of resources to change the way you run the country... Itz one of the better choices then joining a private company with routine work that doesn't challenge you.....

QUARK and WAVES mean a lot for the people involved in it, whether as organizers,participants or audience...I would easily place them above the textbooks I have read in terms of learning experience.

Good nite...