Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Philosophy: We don't realize the importance of something or someone in our lives till we have lost it.

Science: Impulse=Force*time

I never imagined that the above two were fundamentally correlated until the happenings of today.A force of a few Newtons applied on a button for a minuscule instant of time made me relate the rest of my time to the above philosophy so much so that nothing in my past had prepared me for it.I can't speak much about it but I'm thankful and grateful to the stars and planets and humans and animals and plants who made this happen 'coz I just would never have understood the importance in my life of that element if it hadn't happened.thanx :)

WAVES'08(Every festival has given me a lot,including this one) had marked the culmination of a habit and hobby that inspired,transpired and conspired the last of QUARK 2009.It was an awesome feeling being there once again.For this I would like to thank the whole of BITS and my team for working under these conditions and bearing the brunt of many a people!

French still connects everything I do.
-My first crush was there,my first night out was there, the place I love is also there and today also it played the sweet role in my life...thnx :)
I just love this french connection.


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Chimu said...

Wasn't ur first crush sick and in hospital. If it wasn't her, then who's ur first crush?