Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random musings across T1

Apart from using blogger for scribling out randomized info about myself, I just thought I would give some space and time for some interesting things that I came across during Test1.

For those of you who use firefox(or chrome) there's this firefox extension called Mashlogic available at Mashlogic Download that really adds a lot of functionality to the web page you are viewing.Btw a mashup in web terminology is a tool that integrates existing services pertaining to a specific domain into one tool.I have been using lots of extensions and add-ons including the one on which I'm blogging right now(Scribefire & coolIRIS)but this is the best I have come across till date. Also for a reason that could be any or all of the below:
1)Network restrictions in BITS Pilani Goa Campus
2)Installing Google Gears (I'm not sure if this comparison is valid but I would rate the caching ability of Gears way above the Squid proxy used in our campus)
3)Exam time blues
..I started getting download speeds almost 10X times the normal downloads on this network without using any non-browser based software.

Fist of Rice(FOR) is a non-profit organization started by a group of students most of which are BITSians from our campus with the purpose of solving the grassroot level food deficiency problem, based on the concept that a fist of rice donated by an individual summed into hundreds of donors in thousands of locations would generate millions of rice bags helping to solve the food problem to a considerable extent.Check out FOR. Another site to check out would be Bhook and Poverty.

Valentine's and the color codes also came and went.Unfortunately for St.Valentine, there wasn't much to do with his original idea of Valentine.However Love is not something that is to be celebrated on one day.It's much much more than that 'coz it involves friendship,childrens', teachers',independence,and every other day of the year 'coz unless you work for it, you ain't understand it and till you understand it you won't get it.That's something that gphone.exe has been teaching our computers of late in BITS.The virus has inflicted almost all the CC comps and half the student PC's and lappies.The best way I found to remove it was to use Glary's utilities.Available in our software repository or free download, it's very much like a task manager which would have been otherwise disabled by the virus.

that's all folks :)

C ya


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