Monday, February 23, 2009

sLuMdOg MiLlIoNaIrE

Every Human being worth their name strives for two things their entire lives: Love and attention. Primal instincts made us strive for food, water, air and shelter; with humans no longer in that stage of evolution, their needs have changed and so have their desires.

Slumdog Millionaire is just one example that exemplifies the above. We just love every Indian connection.The movie wasn’t even shot in Dharavi(It was shot in the slums of Juhu and Versova) and yet for us the slums will always be the same:the name itself is an oxymoron that reflects our true selves. We love to watch the slums, run a project there but never live there ‘coz we all want to be millionaires in cash or kind :P

The movie did make the author of the book a millionaire. No one knew that guy(I still can’t remember his name, but he was some Indian ambassador).The book was called Q & A, now its called Slumdog Millionaire with Dev Patel and Freida Pinto on its cover. I bet JK Rowling and Dan Brown would be jealous of this guy. The movie had a decent storyline, excellent background music and performances by those kids and of course our technical expertise just needed its time to be reflected at the Oscars.Would they offer sound engineering as an elective next year? We anyways have creative multimedia and half of BITSians have very good acoustics and the also have very good acoustics on their Ipods,laptops and Woofers( Doesn’t that rhyme with Dog?).

All in all a good evening at the Oscars, great for Bollywood and of course Dan Boyle, unlikely it would be great for the slum dwellers but of course something to cherish is better than nothing at all. For BITSians? Well we can self-congratulate ourselves for promoting 2100 pirated viewings.

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