Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bowling Night

Well for the first time I had Italian Food made by Italians at this restaurant around the corner near the university.Great food, awesome people. T'was to be followed by bowling at the ABC Arena.We talked about the EU and why Turkey is seemingly the sick man of Europe and how everything works out there in bulgaria and bosnia et all.Well I met someone very interesting but I would comment on that only after a week of development.Well the city is seemingly unpolluted despite the huge number of cars and trams and tains and that's coz Germany promote's people to have solar panels on their rooftops and has stringent eco-management laws...psst I also heard some nuclear stockpile will be soon blowing up somewhere in the north and that's y Germany is shutting down its dependence on Nuclear power, well that dawned BARC'ing memories and I had fun discussing them with People.

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The Bowling was fun, I finished last first round and pretty much near the top with double strikes the next one, spent what I did when I was at Essel world, and plenty of other amazing things which I'm a bit tired to discuss..I bet i'll get dat new cam 2mrw and let d pictures describe more..i went to buy 1 and looking at the deals found it difficult to make a choice between a handycam and digcam..came back and read blogs and hopefully I should go for the digcam coz that's what I guess I need..


Gute Nacht


Chimu said...

Nice to know you learnt to play with balls so quickly :)

ratpik said...

Oh..It's an old trick..been doing that since a kid, first it was rubber, then tennis, then foot, the basket, evn hockey in school and yeah tt in bits...I don't remember playing agame without balls..oh yeah badminton may have been an exception, but there's half a ball there below the shuttle..so its a ball's world u knw..