Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cam Era

I finally bought my new digital camera today at the City Gallery.My first trip there was a walk through Fuggerei(Click Here and don't miss the video but there's plenty more that I would show you later like the boat trip and water wheels) which is the most amazing place I've been too and is the oldest existing settlement in europe(Around 2000 years).This time I went knowing exactly what I wanted to buy and aware of the fact that I was walking through a 2000 year hold settlement.

This one here helped me in deciding what I wanted.I knew that anything above 6 Megapixels was Perfectly fine and anything above that is almost redundant.Optical Zoom and not digital Zoom is what I should go for coz the later just enlarges pictures reducing photo quality while the former actually involves a lens manipulation.The ergonomics of the camera meant that I should go for something that should be able to be fixed in India in case something went wrong.Battery life,memory, video quality were some of the other qualities I had to filter for among the huge variety.

I got a salesman this time who informed me that the ones priced a bit lower use AA batteries that wear out soon while the ones priced a bit higher used rechargeable batteries and way better.Of course there were other high ended varieties like underwater shooting et all but they weren't in my budget.Before I proceed if anyone is coming to Germany then remember that Germany does not accept Visa or any other credit cards(There are just a handful exceptions).So then I had a selection of the most likely set of digcams I would choose from..there was kodak,sony cybershot(1 with Carl Zeiss (cheaper) and one with Sony Lens), Pansonic,Samsung,Olympus,Nikkon,Fujifilm,Canon and a few others which I did not consider. I checked out all and bought this one, a Samsung I70 which gave me everything I desired and plenty of add-on features like MP3,Textfile reads, WideScreen, Sliding Interface,Lightweight et all.Along with a 2 GB memory card,USB charger with AC/DC adapter,headphones,drives and a 15 Euro Special pouch and a lil' bit of bargaining I settled for a whole deal of 141 Euros(Around Rs 9300) which is way cheaper than what comparable ones were available in India.I even managed to get a Duty free exemption with a bit more talk.

I came to know an Indian neighbour who works for WIPRO and is working for a client in Augsburg for the past 1 year.he invited and treated me to an awesome Indian food and I learnt another set of things about the Sub-continent.Tomorrow's a holiday and I guess I'll be using that cam to click click n click...

...and why doesn't chrome fix the bug for facebook apps or vice versa? I had interesting predictions coming up, one app said I would fall in Love with someone whose name starts with 'A' and aaah..i would have know who it was lest for Google! (:O)

Want to know something legendary about this place? Find out here!


Gute nacht!


Divesh said...

seems like u are having a really nice time...

tell us more abt the interesting person u met???

ratpik said...

aaah... Well I'm too shy :P

Arey I'm here to meet new people and meet I do, so the next time something more happens I'll blog with the names too, Time is always nice :)