Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The second Weekend

Did you know that its perfectly fine to be caught by a Policeman, have oil flowing like a Fountain sprinkler all over your kitchen with Eggs jumping around morphing into chicks and missing some one so much that you can't stop laughing all in a span of 6 hours?

Well it is and its pretty normal stuff for me but the DAAD Trip was something Awesome'r than normal! Well I woke up at 3:30 am to take my ICE travelling at 300 km/hr from Augsburg Hbf to Berlin Hbf.Luckily Prachi and her Object Oriented related company boarded in Leipzig and thankfully donated me her 10 cent flea market cherry yoghurt(Thnx, I owe you a lot :P).The Berlin Station was huge and we didn't have any problem in getting all the way to the hotel,meeting people, attending the lectures which were amazing(I'm just cutting things short, for those who would like to know why Germany loves Indians and spent over a few million euros to make us happy, its just 'coz Indians Love Germany or better mail me for exact details of how you could be a part of it too :))...

We did some wandering a Checkpoint Charlie, had some Pizza, behaved like pucca Indians draining everybit of 'free' tea bags and milk at the Hotel Aletto and then followed an awesome night clubbing at Mandigo in which Light meant the radon illuminated teeth of faceless people in the dark and tequila shots made some go crazy and someone go crazier after them. Night life in Berlin was an experience worth it.Ofcourse the next day was followed by a city tour and I'll upload those photos later and then a boat trip which was cool.

The next day we had one day to travel anywhere and we chose saxony switzerland whose awesome pics you can find here.Prachi and Me took the ferry and hiked to the most beautiful place I've been too(Surprisingly Goa came second in this Hike route, maybe coz Goa doesn't have such a wonderful terrain and lakes) and climbed atop the Bastei Bridge from where you could see the world!The Amselfal came later and then I had to run to board my last train to Augsburg via Nuremberg(Oh how could I forget that, Nuremberg is now my rth love, you cannot assume lexicographic ordering though, its modulus would be 3 or 4 only :) . Half a Pizza and getting into the wrong class later I was back to Home sweet Home where my newly discovered facebook apps were waiting for me..Thank you everyone who :) for my camera and my ''art :)

:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

I don't know what to say..Germany loves Pratik Mandrekar?

Well that's up 4 another reason..I got plenty of work tomorrow, chao :)