Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Experiments with Dark

Well..well, Our father(Dude Gandhi) might have done all kinds of experiments with truth and dare but I prefer 'My Experiments with the Dark'.

To begin with I started with something sweet.I got one bar of every kind of Dark Chocolate available in the market so that I could select the better ones for the one who desires them most.I had never had so much chocolate in my life and maybe that's the reason they ended on a bitter note.Anyway, by the time I was done with the Darkest of the Chocolates I had enough cocoa up my snort to make it look like 'coke' and I was out in the dark.Middle of the night I went to this festival place where besides the couple of bands playing blues and rock, I had my dose of the Rodeo bull, the 'I lock you in that box, and survive the storm' game, people, drunk people and very drunk people who were actually speaking Greek or was it Latin..the pic would say better..Servos!

The Dark Night (The Rodeo bull was the best part if you can figure it out in the dark

The Dark was so dark that I couldn't capture anything worthwhile on my cam except for a few good videos which are to big to be uploaded on flickr and Now that Google plans to close down youtube I'm in no mood to put them there either, so they stay with me.But I decided that I'm going to master the dark and this is what I got In the art of Digital photography

The best modes:
[Children]-Use this to take a pic of fast moving objects. for example children
[Self Shot]-Use when Photographer would also like to be in the image

Well if that wasn't enough, my video editing software wouldn't let me filter the images so brrr..I had to do with whatever was left...

The next night when I made strawberry rice and lost Peace! 'coz of the war in Iraq, I had nothing to do but meet the dark lord aka Satan.No I did not join a black magic cult, that was just a dark Joke.

The Marathon for PEACE!

The next night(It was just 8pm though) I decided to go on a cycle marathon to the farthest place I could and I went upto some point which sounded like east Brimhingam but wasn't in UK but Germany itself. 40 kms(Well that's not really a marathon, but yeah good for a start), riverside, dogs, and the romantic strolls did have the desired effect and the dark just became darker when I ate some more dark chocolate and blogged.You see how good the effect can be?

Batman may live in the dark, but do you like Batman or Joker?


Pratik Mandrekar

Tonite you can R.I.P


Chimu said...

You rode the Rodeo bull? What do u mean by "dose of rodeo bull"? Or is it a drink like Red Bull?

ratpik said...

Ambiguity if elaborated doesn't remain ambiguous :P