Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Letter

Dear Veronica

I know you would be surprised to find this letter here. Firstly we never wrote letters. Remember how our relationship started? Online chat rooms and Social networking sites wouldn't replace the numerous matrimony sites but surely we were an exception or so we thought. Time has changed sweetheart and I still love you but there's something you need to know

You may be wondering why I did not meet you the entire day yesterday and haven't been receiving your calls. I knew you would come in search for me. That's why this, my first letter to you and don't feel bad..maybe the last. Well we had the routine medical test at the company on Friday. They had interns posted to do the job this time. I had my sample taken and everything seemed fine except for a little dizziness which normally never happened. I just thought that maybe it was the workload I had this week and the nights spent with you (Gosh I'll miss you so much :( ). But then all blacked out. I don't know when I opened my eyes. It was dark. I couldn't see anything. I tried standing but my knees hurt. I groped in the dark for something to support. I hit something, it felt wet. I remembered my cellphone had a torchlight. I took it out and switched it on.

I was standing in a pool of blood. Two bodies lay besides me. Still and cold. I tried turning and looking at the face of one. I instantly recognized it. It was the same guy who had done my tests that evening. Worse, he was stripped bare and had two letters inscribed on him. The flesh could be seen ruptured and a few flies attempting to feast in them. Those two letters were my initials.

I didn't even dare looking at the other body. I swear i didn't kill them. I don't even know what I am doing here. I was supposed to be out there with you and here I am , prime candidate for a double murder with all the circumstantial evidence pointing towards me. I needed you. I took out my phone to call you. There was a message from a private number. I opened it. It read : " Wire 300,000 bucks to 4567889290018902, Stadsparkasse within before 12 pm tonight and you'll be free" I didn't know what to do. Then i did something for which i cannot forgive myself. Remember you had told me once about your mothers insurance policy bond worth 250,000 bucks? I'm sorry but I used your account (Remember never to share your account details with anyone in the future, not even the person you trust the most) and transferred the entire amount. I know that was the only thing you had. Your sister's education depended on that but at that moment I didn't know what I was doing. I just wanted to get out and I just did whatver was spontaneous.

Then i tried escaping from the scene. I could see in the dark now. It was my office conference room. The main door was locked but the fire exit was open. I went out and just ran. I don't know how far I went into the woods because my legs gave way and it was only 12 hours later when my eyes opened that i saw another message on my phone. It was the report from the medical bureau . I know this is going to hurt you a lot. It said that my report said I was positive for HIV and I should report to the lab immediately for more tests. I was scared to go back but I thought I should let you know. Please get yourself checked. There's another thing I need to tell you. The fortnight ago when I had been to Budapest for the meeting I had met this girl and we were drunk...I know you'll never forgive me. I have no option left but to kill myself. I know I have hurt you but you are a beautiful person and I know you will fight back. Will miss you.

Love you,

Yours eternally

(Ashamed of my initials)

Miss you and Take care.

P.S. - My dear sweetheart, a lot can go wrong in this world as you have just seen. So I hope you wouldn't really mind my doggy ripping off your pink Teddy which you can find under the Bed. After you have calmed down please meet me at our usual cafe. I swear everything above the P.S is a lie except of course the I love you part :). See you soon. Tc



Chimu said...

wow so romantic pratik! \m/
kharech kon mele kaay kite?

Shera said...

wow.. awesomw!! I really enjoyed reading this:)