Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Its like early morning out here and somehow I still am busy with things that have nothing to do with what I had planned for the night. A lot of nice things keep happening and its fun expecting the unexpected.I wanted to write something about my work but its to heavy for a lightheaded moment like now. Anyway for a brief I came across one of these today:

"There are 64 single men and 64 single women, all heterosexual its is presumed, who want to get married. Each one ranks all possible mates. The problem is how to find the set of marriages so that no two people (one man one woman) that are not married to each other do, in fact, prefer each other over their assigned partners"

Well this is a decent multi-agent problem and BDI systems I work with are adequate to solve it..but damn to Sec 377 , now I'll have to change the problem statement itself to suit the 'real' needs of the population.

Zzzzz...again a few glimpses of past few days (More here)

Baby trying to destroy Public property? Err...not exactly...

Fussen's Lords in the Sky and Me with ice cream (invisible)

One of Fussen's ild houses next to the Ski-Jump and the Mini-golf park

Guess Who? At the farm.. :)

Ostriches et more...traditional Bavarian lunch at the farm in the Alps between Germany and Austria

Busy scaling the castle walls..DND!

Even Cindrella and Disney need to face Real Life problems of Material degradation

Its not just you who are scared up here dear :)

Marienbrucke or wateva- The highest bridge up the Alps

Hiking the Gorge

That's what Traditional Lunch costs and that too tip not included, but well worth it... :)

That's all 4 now...


Pratik Mandrekar


nimit said...

This is what happens when you get into research. Thinking about problems with section 377.

Nice pics BTW!

chosen1 said...

nice pics n nice project ideas :P

peewee said...

wow...reli amazing!

ratpik said...

@Nimit - Its not just people in research. Even Ramdev baba has a problem it seems :P and yeah I forgot to metion but the WOrld's biggest Gay & Lesbian parade took place in Cologne, Germany previous weekend and and....

@chosen1 - Yeah interesting projects :)

@peewee - :)

chosen1 said...

hey...mind explaining the connection between ur project n homosexuality in more details... :P

ratpik said...

Its simple!

1)Enumerate Gender as Male and Female.

2)Check for validity :
1= Male + female
0, otherwise

3)Formally validate finiteness of the closure

Without the assumptions of that now stand void due to removal of Sec 377, the parameters were all well behaved and generating the closure wouldn't be a problem. But...

I hope you got the problem.

ratpik said...


Chimu said...

u have to change problem statement as in hetero allowed? then how r u going to solve it?