Saturday, May 14, 2011

Whatever's LEFT

With the election results coming in, democratic resentment to corruption and lack of development seem to have reached a new high. The results of the two states, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, where the opposition romped home by massive margins can be summed up in Oscar Wilde's words: "Moderation is a fatal thing, nothing succeeds like excess."

A change in the government doesn't necessarily mean better governance. Corruption is systematic and almost shares a symbiotic relationship with anything to do with administration and governance in India. Its difficult not to be corrupt. What can be hoped for is a best-effort development model without wasting too much time on changing the system of corruption. It is a culture and we share a love-hate relationship with it.

If you have fudged your tax returns or bribed 5 bucks to get your certificates done faster, you too are part of it. Quoting from one of Vivek Wadhwa's posts - "Once you start compromising your values for short-term gains, there is no turning back." So lets be complacent, tweet about problems facing us, hold some candles and wait for someone to clean up our mess.

As if Rebecca Black wasn't enough of funfunfunfun, some people decided to leave their mark on Bangalore, literally. I just happened to pass by Church Street in Bangalore and got the below captures yesterday but now its back to an ideal street, thanks probably to some Ugly Indians.

The longest standing democratically elected communist government does sound hysterical but now it is history. Never really lived under socialism, but reading from history it seems like an excess dose of it is not too good. China is a good example of practicing capitalists, ideological socialists. Ideology is only good for speeches and as long as you don't practice what you preach.

What a grin! I bet its the Joker who along with Batman made a lot of Box office money.

I don't really know how it feels living in a Naxal area. Some say they are oppressed and just fighting for their freedom. Their violence is wrong but probably they just can't be complacent with the government we elect. Lets hope the left get it right and everyone is happy. Whoever did the street art stencil, good job! But alas, democracy still triumphs even if it makes a lot of people unhappy. Some advice -Drop your weapon, attend an anger management course and find a the root of your problem (or a better job).

Binayak Sen, a doctor by profession operating a non-profit to provide healthcare in rural areas, some of which also happen to be naxal infected (Infection is not a very nice word here, but even Love is infectious, so !) was arrested on charges of sedition by the government some time back. Country wide protests, support from international bodies like Amnesty and the UN made the Supreme court release him on bail. A mark of protest remains dormant now.

Every wall is not a Berlin wall, yet has its own story. Wonder what this one would have to say if one were to write its autobiography.

Its amazing how a city has a life in places you wouldn't really care to look. So if you are bored to death, just try discovering life in nooks and corners of your house. You can expect to get Bangalored.


Pooja said...

If everybody thought like you and looked at everything from a neutral point of view, the world would've been a better place. But alas...

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Totally free of prejudices. I too believe that idealism is of no value if it cannot improve the lives of people. And yes, great pics!

Romeo Das said...

Really liked the way you think. If people thought like you do, then many things would have changed for the betterment of the society at large! Keep blogging! :)

By the way, hope you like my post Say no to chlorine